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There’s A Right Tool For Every Job

May 8, 2016
A Right Tool

Tool BagEver needed a specific type of tool in a pinch? The folks behind National Tool Supply definitely know that they have! Blue Hawk Value and National Tool Supply have worked together for years now, making sure that Hawk subscribers and National Tool Supply customers alike get what they need when they need it. After all, you and your project deserve nothing but the best when it comes to tools. Whether you’re in the market for a new set of power tools or if you just need to replace a few pieces of hardware, Blue Hawk Value stands by National Tool Supply for all your tool needs.

Finding the right tools for a particular project can be a daunting task if you’re not sure what you’re doing. When you choose to order from National Tool Supply, you’ll never be left in the dark. We’ll work with you to figure out what exactly suits your needs, and we always pledge to bring you the highest quality tools available. After all, we seek to serve our customers with only the very best. By working with us, you can ensure that you’re working with the best tool supplier nationwide.

Bosch Power ToolIf you find that one of your National Tool Supply products suddenly stops working, National Tool Supply even offers a repair service with free pickup and estimates from your shop. Never again will you be stuck with a tool that absolutely refuses to work. Once we get our hands on it, it’ll be working like new! Our delivery service can bring your tools back to you with speed and professionalism, allowing you to get moving on your projects without a moment’s more delay. We know how important your projects are, and so we treat them like our own; only the best for those who work with us!

Our fast delivery, excellent customer service, and huge showroom make us stand out from the competition. If you’re tired of looking through retail store after retail store for a tool that those guys won’t have, come to National Tool Supply and you’ll be sure to find anything and Construction Equipmenteverything you need. If you find that we lack in any way, we’ll make sure to correct it as soon as we can. After you spend a few minutes in our showroom, you’ll never spend another second in your local hardware store.

National Tool Supply carries just about everything your toolbox would ever need. Plumbing, electrical, paint & sundries, hardware, fasteners, power tools, hand tools, site job supplies, construction equipment, and even adhesives are all things that you can get at this one-stop shopping tool supplier. At National Tool Supply, we’re dedicated to making sure that your project gets the best tools possible. With us, you can work to find a tool that’ll carry out just about anything you’d need it to do. Contact us today or check out our website to see what your toolbox could use!

Looking for Steel Drums? Here’s Our Best Value

May 6, 2016
Steel Drums Best Value

Steel Drum Shipping ContainerSick of losing profit over a steel drum company that’s incompatible with yours? Look no further! For the best steel drum company around, look to Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. With them, you won’t have to worry about lost production and lost revenue due to a bad container. At Youngstown, they pride themselves on having some of the best steel drum products around. After all, they only utilize the best materials and the best workers for our customers. Youngstown provides expert service and skilled workers at competitive, affordable prices. They make sure that everyone who works with them receives the drums that they need to ship their product with ease.

Hazardous Shipping LabelsYoungstown Barrel & Drum Company offers everything from plastic drums to fiber drums. Their long list of products will satisfy almost any kind of shipping you might be doing, including industrial and hazardous needs and beyond. Need to go even more specific with your drum order? They also provide open head drums, closed head drums, poly salvage drums, steel salvage drums, open head plastic drums, and tight head plastic drums. No matter what kind of particular drum you’re looking for, Youngstown can work with you to satisfy your needs.

Looking for something else along with your drum order? Youngstown Barrel & Drum Company can also add funnel accessories, fiber drums, oil spill products, environmental containment products, spill response and de-containment products, aerosol can disposal, and much more to any order you might be making. Youngstown is your one-stop shopping for drums and anything drum-related. Once Youngston Barrel & Drum Co Productsyou visit their website and set up an order with them, you’ll never be turning back to those other guys again!

Blue Hawk Value stands with Youngstown Barrel & Drum Company when it comes to drum-related needs. They offer great products at a great price, making their professional relationship with Blue Hawk one of the best. After all, Blue Hawk Value only works with companies who have the highest standards around. Together, Blue Hawk and Youngstown work together to create the best possible experience for both of their customers. If you’re looking for the highest standard in everything barrel-related, the Hawk points to Youngstown Barrel and Company.

IPhone Contactf you’re unsure about any part of your drum order, their workers are standing by waiting to hear from you. We can answer any questions you might have about plastic drums, steel drums, or even salvage drums! You can even check out their extensive frequently asked questions section before giving them a call. If you’re still having trouble locating the best drum for your needs, their workers will be sure to clear everything right up. After you get the answers you need, you’ll be able to place an order with one of the best steel drum companies around. Contact them today to get started!

Your Health Is Always Important

May 3, 2016
Your Health is Important

Lower Back PainAt Blue Hawk Value, we don’t want anyone to skimp just because they’re looking for more affordable prices. After all, there are some things that you shouldn’t skimp on. Your health just happens to be one of them. If you’ve experienced any kind of traumatic injury, accident, or other issue that has ended in back pain, Back to Mind is Hollywood’s best chiropractor. To handle any kind of spinal issue, Blue Hawk Value’s team turns to the great people behind Back to Mind Hollywood Chiropractor.

Back to Mind can help you get back on your feet with the work of their excellent technicians. Their experienced chiropractors will do everything possible to help you get back to a sound state of mind! With them, you won’t have to worry about whether your back pain is going to continue throughout your treatments. After just one treatment, you’ll find that your back pain starts eliminating itself with the help of their chiropractors. After several treatments, you’ll begin wondering why you even stepped inside in the first place! Their team is dedicated to making sure that you’re able to go back to how you were before your accident, if not better.

Spinal Decompression TherapyBack to Mind offers several different services; everything from spinal decompression therapy, hydrotherapy, postural analysis, massage therapy, to electrical muscle stimulation are things that they can handle. For the especially difficult case of back pain, they offer even more advanced kinds of chiropractic treatment. If you’re in need of an ultrasound, Back to Mind can handle that. If you’re in need of orthotic inserts, they can handle that. There are very few – if any – things that Back to Mind can’t use to eliminate your back pain and fully restore your range of motion.

Range of Motion testingIf you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, Back to Mind will be an easy way to slide into treatment. They’ll start by analyzing your posture, range of motion, and functional capacity; with this information, you and their great technicians can figure out what the most effective way of tackling your back pain is. They can also provide you with a full analysis of your functional capacity testing for you and your employer. This test allows you to see what you can and cannot do. Every patient should know their limits along with the people they work with. That way, you can live a fulfilling life without being stumped by your back pain.

Call them today to get started on your back pain treatment. They’ll get you running as good as new as soon as the first appointment! Together, Back to Mind and you will create a treatment plan that works for your needs, your schedule, and your budget. After all, that’s why Blue Hawk Value treats Back to Mind in Hollywood FL like the holy grail of all chiropractors – they’re almost too good to be true! Contact them today to live a pain-free live with a chiropractic treatment plan that works for you.

Don’t Break The Bank in South Beach

May 1, 2016
Don't Break the Bank in SOBE

Collins Avenue South BeachEver wanted to take a vacation without breaking the bank? Everyone needs a little time to themselves every once and a while; what better place to do that than on a sandy beach in the height of the summer? For a beachside vacation at a great price, look no further than South Beach’s Hotel Boutique 18. Blue Hawk Value has promoted this chic hotel unit for years now, and once you visit, it won’t be hard to see why. With all the amenities you could ever ask for, a ½ mile walk from the beach, and much more, Hotel Boutique offers everything at an affordable price. When you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t need to skimp on anything. Staying at Hotel Boutique 18 can help you with just that.

Hot Miami AfternoonHotel Boutique 18 is one of the few hotels in South Beach that allows accommodations for disabled guests. For those of us who need a little extra help in getting around, Hotel Boutique 18 can be one of the best options for the disabled vacationer. During those hot Florida afternoons, you’ll be able to crank the AC. Conversely, when the temperature drops, you’ll have a whole heating unit all to yourself in this bungalow by the bay. Want more? Their Spanish-speaking and English-speaking friends alike will be at home within this beachside getaway; our employees are well-versed in both languages. Bienvenido a Miami!

South Beach Boutique Hotel 18Want to take a vacation without having to pack your entire suitcase full of stuff? After all, packing can end up being one of the most stressful parts of your vacation. Their bathroom amenities will eliminate some of the extra hassles when it comes to your packing process. They offer a hairdryer alongside all of their free toiletries, allowing you to save a little space for that extra bathing suit. With them, you won’t have to waste time packing or worrying about any part of your hotel stay. Instead, you’ll be throwing on your bikini and heading down to the water for some sun and surf!

If you’re the type of vacationer who like some old home comforts, Hotel Boutique is the place for you. Each of their rooms comes equipped with kitchenware, an oven, a kitchenette, a stovetop, toaster, a refrigerator, a dining table, a coffee machine, and much more. With this fully-equipped kitchen, you won’t find yourself wanting for anything. If you’re looking to save a little extra money on your vacation, you can cook your meals with all of the extra tools provided by Hotel Boutique 18. Hotel Boutique 18 is one of the view beachside hotels where you can give yourself a little taste of home.

Blue Hawk Value and Hotel Boutique 18 have been best friends for ages. After all, what other hotel can get you all of these great amenities at such low prices? Contact them today and they’ll help you plan every moment of your stay. Whether you need to know a little more about the area or if you want to plan out the specifics of your room, their dedicated employees can get you any and all of the information you might need to know. Call now to have one of the best vacations you’ll ever take!

Visting Miami? Here’s What You Should Know

April 29, 2016
Visting Miami Here's What You Should Know

Residential LocksmithBlue Hawk Value has worked with Miami Locksmith 305 for years to ensure that their clients get the best possible value, service, and affordability out of their locksmith needs. Blue Hawk knows that Miami Locksmith 305’s raving testimonials are nothing but the truth – after all, just check out any of their social media pages! Their Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter pages alike all have absolutely nothing but great things to say about this locksmith company. Whether you’re looking for automotive, commercial, or residential locksmith services, coming to Miami Locksmith 305 when you’re in Miami is coming to the right place.

Miami Locksmith 305 can provide anything and everything you might need when it comes to any of your lock needs. Whether you’re looking for a lock service or if you’ve worked with them before, they can get your locks up and running with professionalism, ease, and skill. Emergency lockouts and regular lock installation projects are no big deal when you’re working with a locksmith technician that has as much experience as Miami Locksmith 305’s technicians! Their technicians have worked in the industry for years, allowing you to rest easily while they get their work done.

Broken Key ExtractionBlue Hawk Value counts on Miami Locksmith 305 to get them out of those sticky situations. Ever found yourself locked out of your home or automobile? The Blue Hawk team knows they have! For getting back into your car via key extraction or by opening the car itself, Miami Locksmith is the company for you. If it’s good enough for Blue Hawk’s meticulously high standards, it’s good enough for just about anyone who wants a locksmith company that’s fast, affordable, and professional.

Mobile Locksmith Back TruckThere are several types of locksmith services available: automotive, commercial, and residential. Although some of these might sound obvious, they each have the ins and outs that only Miami Locksmith 305’s dedicated technicians can handle. For instance, commercial locksmith services might include things like mailbox or cabinet changes. The occasional safe lockout is also something that Miami Locksmith 305’s mobile technicians can handle. After all, there’s no reason why you and your employees should be defeated by something as simple as a lock. With a reputable locksmith service on your side, you can eliminate any lost revenue or any worries you might have about the whole situation.

Blue Hawk Value and Miami Locksmith 305 have worked together for ages to ensure that you get the best price available for your lock installations, emergency lockouts, ignition replacements, and more. Call them today to get a quote on your lock installations and be sure to save their number afterward — then, in those emergency lockout situations, you’ll be able to handle absolutely anything. Call today to get started on your relationship with this great locksmith service.

Hair Extensions. Are They Worth It?

April 28, 2016
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions from AquaIf you’re passionate about hair, chances are you know a little bit about the benefits of investing in hair extensions. To get that look of full, flowing hair, hair extensions are the only way to go. Beauty salons and hairstylists alike know that having a great hair extension company on their side is vital to running a successful business. Aqua Hair Extensions has been one of the leading hair extension companies since 2008; since then, they’ve promised nothing but the best for their clients and distributors alike.

Hair Extensions Before & AfterFrom clip-in extensions to keratin fusion systems, Aqua Hair Extensions has it all. Even the most particular of salons will be able to cater to their clients when they distribute from Aqua. They offer high-quality products including hair extensions and hair accessories, complete with excellent commissions, sales bonuses every three months, and marketing support. Aqua Hair Extensions stands out from the rest of the crowd by offering benefits that the other guys haven’t even thought of. If you’re still not sold on the idea of working with Aqua Hair Extensions, just check out their products. Once you get a look at what they have to offer, you’ll be sold on the idea of working with them. Especially their tape hair extensions, which you can see by visiting them here:

If you’re in the market for a hair extension distributor, you should know that they’re committed to customer service and education for all of their clients. Whether your business is just starting out or if you’re looking for new merchandise to add to your shelves, Aqua Hair Extensions can help you with anything in the hair-extension field. They’ve got the knowledge and the experience to help you manage your customers’ questions with ease. After all, Aqua Hair Extensions has been in the industry for years now, meaning that you can rest easy when you work with them.

Sales ChartIf you’re ready to commit to a great hair extension company, Aqua Hair Extensions can guide you in the right direction. Increase revenue and sales in your store by giving us a call and getting started on their education program. They’ll help you identify and develop a plan of growth for top 20% salons and develop relations with salons outside of the top 20% and grow within the space. What’s more, you’ll also receive regular salon visits in order to learn how to boost sales even further.

Contact them today to find out how they can help you provide a great product for your clients. With Aqua, you’ll never be left wondering what your products are really providing. Instead, you’ll get a hands-on experience with a fantastic vendor and a well-constructed product. Once you work with them, you’ll receive their marketing support via social media, promotions, and full customer service; they’ll help you and your business throughout every step of your Aqua Hair Extensions order. Call them today and they’ll help you get started on education, ordering their products, and much more.

Pet Boarding Saves Time & Money

April 25, 2016
Pet Boarding

Blue Hawk Value isn’t about to leave out some of the most important members of our families – our pets! When it comes to our dogs and cats, nothing is too good. We’ll do absolutely everything to make sure that they’re comfortable and happy in almost every situation. But with that said, while you’re on vacation or otherwise away from home, your pets can’t always come with you. Sometimes, we have to leave our pets behind for a short period. For a pet boarding service that’ll give your pet the love and care it deserves while you’re gone, turn to TLC Pet Boarding.

Pet VacationLook no further for the most dependable pet boarding service in Davie. From dogs to cats, all of your four-legged friends receive nothing but the best care during their stay. Their doggie daycare services and their cat boarding services alike are unbeatable. You won’t find this level of pet care and service anywhere within the greater Davie area. After all, what other pet boarding services offers pet taxis, dental services, grooming services, and a vet service all on the same site? Only TLC Pet Boarding is committed to making your pet’s stay worry-free.

If they weren’t one of the best pet boarding services in the greater Davie area, you wouldn’t find them working with Blue Hawk Value. Blue Hawk Value calls TLC Pet Boarding one of the best, most affordable pet boarding services in the area. With all the things they offer and the unbeatable price, it all comes at; it’s not surprising to see why Blue Hawk thinks they’re one of the best places around. Whether you’re working with your kitten or your puppy, they’ll be in great hands while you’re away. And when you come home, your pet will come home healthy and happy. After all, they make sure that all of their bowls are clean and that their properties are regularly sprayed for fleas, ticks, and any other kind of pest problems.


Like most pet owners, you probably worry about your pet’s health while you’re away. You worry if they’re okay and whether or not they’re getting the right treatment. At TLC Pet Boarding, they offer an on-site clinic for any of their four-legged friends that happen to need a little extra care. If your pet has an pet-vacation-boardingemergency at some point during their stay, TLC Pet Boarding will be able to handle it with no problem. All you have to do is make sure that your pet stays with them while you’re away! Together, they’ll help your pet live happily while you’re gone.

Contact them today to plan out the details of your pet’s next stay! After all, your pets deserve a vacation too. While you’re gone, they’ll receive only the finest care available. They’ll get daily attention, lots of space to roam, and lots of amenities. Their facilities don’t believe in cooping your pet up in a cage all day, allowing your pet to get some much-needed fresh air and leisure while you’re away. Remember to call them today to work out all the fine details of your pet’s vacation!

Our Premier Moving Company

April 23, 2016
Our Premier Moving Company

MovingBlue Hawk Absolute Value’s premier moving company is none other than Southwest Movers. Our number one ally for anything in the moving industry is Southwest Movers – and for good reason, too! Southwest Movers is the only moving company in the area that can handle coast-to-coast moves with ease and professionalism. When it comes to moving, finding the right moving company can be a hassle. However, once you find Southwest Movers, you’ll find that you have to look no further. Instead, you’ll have a moving company on your side that has nothing but raving reviews all through its history.

Moving ChecklistFor those of us who have moved before, you probably know that moving is quite a hassle. Between getting everything packed, managing the moving company, and working out the details of your next home, it can get a little overwhelming. However, when you work with a moving company as great as Southwest Movers, you can eliminate the extra stress and worry. Instead, you’ll have a company that’s committed to making your move as easy as possible. Contact them today to get an idea of what kind of affordable price you’re looking at! We promise that after you work with them, you won’t ever move with another company.

They can help you plan ahead and work through every step of your moving process. Handling boxes, working out locations, working out arrival and departure times, and much more are all things that Southwest Movers has tons of experience and skill in. They’re organized and committed to your move; they’ll handle it as if it were their own, leaving you to sit back and relax while they handle everything else. Whether you’re working with them for the first time or if it’s your hundredth, you can expect the same level of service and commitment. For those big moments in life, choose Southwest Movers.

Yelp ReviewsBlue Hawk Value and Southwest Movers have been best friends since this great moving company started up. Because Southwest Movers is so dead-set on making sure our clients get the best service available at a fantastic price, Blue Hawk has decided to make our professional relationship one of the most valuable. Don’t believe Blue Hawk? Check out their Yelp page or any of their other social media pages and you’ll find that everyone’s wild with praises over this great moving company.

Planning on moving soon? Southwest Movers can help you get started! Give them a call today and you’ll be looking at one of the easiest local moves you’ll ever make. They adore their customers and always want to make sure that they receive the most affordable price for their services; with that first phone call, they can give you a free quote on your move. Once you get that quote, you’ll be able to compare it to local moving companies. After that, you’ll know that Southwest Movers is giving you the best possible price for your move. Call them today to get started on the easiest move ever!

The Best Muffler Shop We’ve Seen in a Long Time

April 22, 2016
The Best Muffler Shop We've Seen in a Long Time

Welcome to DavieEver wanted to work with the best muffler shop in Davie and beyond? Gexhaust is just the muffler shop that knows how to make a car run to the best of its abilities. Complete with fantastic service, tons of options, and high-quality products, Gexhaust is the company for you. After all, Blue Hawk Value would never try to connect you to a company that didn’t have anything but your best interest at heart. For the best price and the best service possible when it comes to your muffler needs, Blue Hawk Value sides with Gexhaust.

Gexhaust’s muffler shop services run from everything to high-performance mufflers and exhaust systems, pollution reduction requirements, and value-oriented replacement mufflers. If you’re still not sold on the idea of working with them, feel free to stop by their shop to get a free computer diagnostic or exhaust inspection. Once you get an idea of what their level of expertise is like, you won’t be working any other muffler shop but them. Whether you’re driving a Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Honda, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW, they can help you make your car the best that it can be.

Muffler InstallationThey even offer a variety of services for those who are especially car-savvy. From catalytic converter services, intake installation, performance exhaust, muffler installation, or even off-road exhaust, Gexhaust can work with you to provide whatever it is you might need. With them, you’ll end up with nothing but the best. Still not sure that Gexhaust is the best company for you? Just ask Blue Hawk Value! Blue Hawk Value will stand by the great price, great services, and great products you can get with them. If that doesn’t convince you, look to any of their raving testimonials. You’ll find that their social media profiles are full of great comments.

Maintaining a VehicleLooking to learn a little bit more about exhaust, different exhaust system products, and fuel efficiency? Working with Gexhaust is one of the most informative experiences you’ll ever have with a muffler shop. They’ll sit and work with you till you’re well-versed in everything that they’re doing to your car. Even if it’s just a simple installation, they’re dedicated to making sure that you understand every bit of the process. Gexhaust is committed to customer service, allowing you to maintain your dream vehicle with skill and experience behind you.

Get in touch with them today to get set up with any of their ultimate automotive services! Their free exhaust inspections and computer diagnostics can be just the thing that gets your car running like it should. Stop by their shop today and you’ll get a little taste of everything that this great exhaust company can offer you. Even if you’re just in the area for a few tips, their exhaust tips can make your car maintenance run a little easier. Feel free to contact them at any time to get started on your relationship.

Best Value

April 1, 2016
Absolute Value

Many marketers assume that during slow economic times customers will adjust their buying habits and seek out less expensive products. The assumption is based on the notion that during down times customers are forced to reevaluate their needs. This leads them to focus on just the basic or core benefits of products and forego products offering enhanced options. For instance, vacationers may change where they stay when traveling by booking economy hotels, where the core benefits are available (e.g., simple room furniture, self-serve breakfast, small fitness area), instead of more luxurious hotels, where many more benefits are offered (e.g., high-end furniture, full-service restaurant, expanded fitness area). For customers lower priced products offering fewer bells-and-whistles are now more appealing since, in the customers’ mind, they offer more value compared to higher priced product.

But marketers need to remember that customers’ perception of “best value” does not always mean they will choose the lowest priced product. What “best value” means is that customers have compared the benefits offered by different products and have decided they are getting their money’s worth from the one they have chosen.